Product Specifications - Last Updated Feb 2019

Important Information

Nutritional Information / Microbiological / Allergen Free Testing 

Due to the importance of food safety, and allergens within food, our key products have been independently laboratory tested in the UK, and we are pleased to share these certificates  :

EPS Easy Peel Icing Sheets (please click on the relevant links below):

EPS Easy Peel Smooth and Light Icing Sheets :

EPS Wafer Paper and Wafer Card :

Product Specification Sheets Links

Wafer Paper

EPS Wafer Card 0.65mm  - click here

EPS Wafer Paper 0.35mm - click here

EPS Coloured Wafer Paper  0.30mm - click here

EPS High Gloss Wafer Paper / Card 0.60mm - click here

Icing Sheets

EPS Premium Easy Peel Icing Sheets - click here for MS Word doc or click here for PDF

EPS E171 Free Premium Easy Peel Icing Sheets - click here for PDF

Transfer Sheets

EPS Meringue Transfer Sheets - click here

EPS Chocolate Transfer Sheets - click here

Edible Inks

EPS Edible Inks  - click here

Edible Ink Marker Pens

All Colours - click here

This sheet has as reference Regulation (EC) No 2073/2005 on microbiological criteria for foodstuffs and its subsequent modifications.

Printer Specifications


Free From & Allergen Information 

All consumable products sold by Edible Print Supplies Ltd are free from and suitable for the following : Please click here for full disclosure document :

Full product specifications are available by clicking on the specifications option at the bottom of the website.


BRC / IFS / ISO / FDA Certification 

All consumable products sold by Edible Print Supplies Ltd are accredited under the relevant authority.
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