Note May 2020:

Please note this page was prepared in 2018. The prices and printer availability has since changed, but we have left this page on our website to illustrate the differences between the different edible printers available.

Since creating this page, we have added a note to the TS5050 printer. Whilst this is a great compact printer, we do not recommend it if you plan to buy the precut circle / shape icing discs due to a small number of customers reporting mis-alignment on feed. For general A4 printing however, this printer is perfectly fine.

All printers have wifi connection. The ix6850 printer comes with a USB printer cable, but the TS5050 does not.

Sometime we supply a TS5051 printer instead of the TS5050. This is the same model inside, but white on the outside compared to black for the TS5050.

In the unlikely event of a clog / blockage causing a certain colour not to print, please see our youtube channel (link below) for basic help. Removal / cleaning of the print head is very easy despite it sounding daunting so please do not be afraid to undertake this simple maintenance routine yourself if required.

For further printer advice ahead of your purchase, please feel free to call Matt (or any member of the EPS team) who will be happy to help.