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Who are Edible Print Supplies?

Edible Print Supplies are an online web store dedicated to supplying wholesale edible printing products; edible wafer paper, icing sheets, edible ink and printers. Our promise is to deliver the best service & lowest prices across the UK and beyond. Not only do EPS offer FREE next day delivery for all wholesale orders in mainland UK we also guarantee the best prices for your edible printing supplies. We guarantee the quality of our products is second to none and are loved by customers across the world. We are absolutely certain you'll be delighted with all of our products and will happily send you a free sample pack so you can try them before you buy. Simply email with details of the products you are interested in.

What is the EPS Lowest Price Guarantee?
Our prices should be the lowest you will find online, along with delivering the very best service. For this reason, we offer a price match against other online sellers. If you find the same product cheaper we will match or even beat it! Note that the following conditions must be met for the price match to apply:

- The item must be available on a UK website at the advertised price & readily available to purchase.
- The item in question must have the same specifications & quantity.
- Auction sites such as Ebay and Amazon do not qualify for price match.
- The price match cannot be used in conjunction with any discount codes or promotional items.
- If there are pricing errors on competitors sites that are clear typographical pricing errors, these will not be matched.

Get in touch via should you have a request.


All mainland UK orders qualify for free next day delivery (Mon-Fri). There is a minimum order value of £35.00 across the website. 

Orders must be received before 2pm to qualify for next day delivery. If your order is placed on Friday before 2pm it will be delivered the next working day (Monday). Any orders placed after 2pm on Friday and over the weekend will be dispatched on the next working day after the weekend.

Saturday deliveries are available at an extra cost (please see details at checkout for details) - orders must be placed before 2pm Friday to be eligible.


Can I order if I am outside the UK?
Yes! we are happy to ship worldwide, for the majority of countries, you can place your orders online as normal. If you can't find your country amongst our shipping options, please email us for a shipping quote at Our free delivery charge applies to orders despatched within mainland UK only. Delivery charges for EU and Worldwide orders are based on weight and a price will be shown before you commit to order. 

For EU & Worldwide customers, shipping rates are limited to 100kg orders, but we can quote for large and commercial orders above this weight. Please email us at for a quote as we can ship multiple packages up to full pallet service to anywhere in the world.

Please note that it is the purchaser's responsibility to check import rules and duties into their country. Edible Print Supplies Ltd are not liable for currency conversion, local duty or tariffs within the countries shipped to. Please also check your domestic importing customs rules when importing into your country as some countries require paperwork and/or may restrict certain products being imported.  

If any goods are refused by the customer due to customs charges / taxes, EPS will not responsible for any returned postage charges. If the goods are returned to our warehouse a refund will only be issued once the goods have been checked and only if they are in a condition fit for sale. EPS will not bear any responsibility for parcels lost following a customer's refusal to accept the goods.

What if my order doesn't arrive?
In the rare event your order doesn't arrive, non-receipt of orders should be notified in writing within 7 days from placing your order. Please contact quoting your name & order number.

Can I try your products before I buy?
If you would you like to try a sample of our products, please email us with your details at for a free sample pack. We can send out sample packs to new customers and existing customers wishing to try new or alternative products to their current supply.

Is there a minimum order value?
Website orders are subject to a minimum order value of £35.00. 

Are EPS prices subject to VAT?
All of our edible products (icing sheets, wafer paper, inks etc) are free from VAT in the UK. Other non-edible products, such as our printers and accessories are subject to VAT.

For EU countries, VAT will be charged once the goods reach your country. The goods will not be released until you have paid any import duties, taxes and service charges due.

Do your products contain best before / batch numbers?

Yes, all our products are fully traceable with a batch number and best before date. There will be at least 6 months shelf life.

Returns Policy

All damage claims, shortages and non-receipt of goods must be reported within 24 hours of your order arriving at the shipping address on your order.

If buyers are shipping goods on from the order delivery address, buyers are strongly advised to sample and check contents as Edible Print Supplies Ltd cannot be held liable for damages incurred beyond the point of receipt per the website order.

If you are not entirely satisfied with the quality of your products, please contact with your order number and details of problem and we would be happy to help. Should we deem the items eligible for a refund, we will provide a return authorisation number.

EPS will not accept responsibility for return postage. The buyer must pay any return postage, and return goods at their own risk.

Due to the nature of the products, any edible products cannot be returned. 

Products may not under any circumstances be returned for any reason without obtaining a Return Authorisation from EPS, please ensure you have contacted us before returning any orders.

If EPS determines that failure of the product was not a result of a defect in materials or workmanship, EPS reserves the right to charge you a 20% re-stocking fee. 
EPS will advise you prior to assessing these charges. Any product returned to EPS shall become the property of EPS.


What type of edible printers do you sell?

We stock Canon PIXMA inkjet edible printers due to their reliability and reputation. We have a range of edible printer models to choose from, with both A4 and A3 printing capabilities, dependent on your edible printing needs. See the following blog post for more information on which edible printer is best for you.

Can you use any printer for edible printing?

Only Canon and Epson brand printers are compatible with food safe refillable edible ink cartridges. Canon has the advantage that its print head can be removed for cleaning or replacing.

Edible printers must never have been used with regular ink for regular printing - leftover residue could contaminate your edible prints.

Do edible printers require cleaning?

You should aim to use your edible printer frequently (once per week) to avoid the ink collecting and drying on the print head. Should your print head become clogged, simply remove the print head and rinse under a hot tap for several minutes until water runs clear.

See our blog post on how to clean maintain your edible printer.

If you have any questions about our edible printers prior to placing an order, please contact us on If you are an EPS customer and have any questions regarding your edible printer purchased from EPS, please email quoting the order number of your printer along with details of the query, and our technical support team will be happy to help.

Wafer Paper/Wafer Card

Which cake toppings do you recommend for wafer paper/card?
Wafer paper should only be used on dry toppings such as fondant icing. Any moist toppings such as buttercream or whipped cream should be avoided as the paper will absorb the moisture and curl/dissolve. Should you wish to use wafer paper or card on buttercream cakes, we advise backing with a thin layer of rolled out fondant.

Wafer card can be used to create 'stand up' toppers which can be stood in buttercream cakes and cupcakes etc.

Wafer paper and card is also the ideal edible paper for creating edible cocktail and drinks toppers. We recommend wafer paper to be used on cocktails with a foam top and wafer card to be used on any other type of drinks.

How do I set my printer for printing on wafer paper/card?
For best results the print quality should be set to 'best' and media type should be set to standard paper or photo.

If you are printing in bulk, you may wish to print using 'normal quality' as this will use less ink and print at a quicker rate. However, please note the quality of the prints may be reduced.

How do I apply wafer paper/card to my cake?
Simply apply a fine mist of water to your cake & gently press on the wafer paper (avoid touching the ink as it's likely to run). If you are backing with fondant, simply roll out your fondant, place the wafer onto the fondant and cut to the desired shape. This can then be applied directly to the cake surface.

Why does the wafer paper/card curl when its been printed?
If the design you're printing uses a lot of ink, the wafer paper may curl when printed. If this happens simply leave the wafer paper to fully dry, then cover with a plastic sheet and place under a heavy item eg. a book to flatten.

Storage and Use of Wafer Paper cake?
​​​​​​It is important to remember that Edible Wafer Paper is a bakery product and does not have the same properties as regular paper. The storage conditions are particularly important to obtain the best results when it is used for printing.

Wafer Paper is very sensitive to humidity, temperature and moisture. If it enters a more humid environment the Wafer Paper will take in moisture and ‘grow’, if it is in a colder environment it may dry out and become brittle. This can happen during transportation, particularly in colder weather. In these circumstances it is particularly necessary to stabilise the humidity in the wafer paper prior to printing and maintain a constant environment while the printing process is underway, especially when overlaying colours (silk screen) otherwise the registration will alter between colours.

Wafer paper absorbs and loses humidity easily. If placed in a dry environment it will lose moisture and get brittle. In this case it is advisable to open the packets and place them in a warm environment (at least 22°C, more is even better) with a high humidity rate (± 80/85%) and keep the sheets under pressure for about 48 hours before printing. This brittleness can also be caused by the conditions during transport. This characteristic is not caused by manufacturing conditions.

If the Wafer Paper is moved from one environment to another and the humidity or temperature changes the Wafer paper may ‘curl’ or become ‘wavy’. The curls or waves occur when wafer paper absorbs humidity, the sheets enlarge and sometimes they even get too tight for the packing. In this case it is not necessary to place the sheets in an extra humidified room but use the regular storage conditions (60/75% humidity and >20°C). To prevent printing problems it is advisable to open the packets 48 hours before use and place a flat heavy weight on top to keep the Wafer Paper under pressure.

When the Wafer Paper is presenting problems it is necessary to store it in the right conditions (60/75% humidity and >20°C), to prevent contact with any liquid substances and away from heating sources.

Edible Icing Sheets

Which cake toppings do you recommend for EPS Icing Sheets?
EPS Icing sheets will work on most cake coverings including fondant, buttercream and chocolate ganache, but avoid using on cream due to the high moisture content.  They have virtually no taste, but are fully edible so will not alter the taste of your chosen coverings.

Icing sheets can also be backed with a thin layer of fondant to make thicker and more robust toppers. This will also help the images stand out on the cake.

How should I store my icing sheets?
It is essential EPS icing sheets are stored flat in a cool, dry place between 18 and 20 degrees C. In colder months, please ensure you bring icing sheets to room temperature before printing and cutting to avoid them breaking. Ensure to keep icing sheets sealed in their packaging to avoid them drying out and only remove from the sealed packaging when you are ready to print. 

Once printed, icing sheets should be kept sealed in a grip seal bag. We now stock a variety of sizes of grip seal bags for storing and sending out your printed icing sheet toppers, you can find them here.

How do I print on my icing sheets?
It is recommended that the edible icing sheets are fed into the printer with the clear plastic strip being fed into the printer first. It is important icing sheets are fed as flat as possible and without curved edges to avoid damage during the printing process.

EPS icing sheets should be fed manually into the rear feed of the edible printer as single sheets for each print.
It is important to test the various print settings available for your specific printer and for each design in order to maximise your image quality. It is also important to select the correct paper type. For Edible Icing sheets, using the media type 'Envelope' has been found to produce the best results - this ensures the print heads/rollers are raised to accommodate the thicker icing sheets.

Most images will benefit from maximised ink-jet printer resolution / dpi (dots per inch), so it is important to test which settings achieve the best results. Our recommended print quality for printing high-quality edible images on icing sheets is 'best'.

Note that some higher quality printer settings may take longer to print than normal or lower quality settings, so if you are looking to print images quicker, then it might be advantageous to change to a slightly lower quality setting.

How do I apply printed icing toppers to my cake?
Ensure your icing is moist when you apply the topper (or it won’t stick). If you’re using a 'ready iced' cake or a fondant iced cake you’ll need to apply a fine mist of water onto the surface before applying your topper - ensure not to apply too much water as this could cause the icing sheet to become too sticky and the image to be affected. Remove the plastic backing from the cake topper (EPS icing sheets are easy-peel so it should be easy to remove – no freezing required!) Ensure you don’t touch the ink with wet hands or if not fully dried, or the ink will run. Carefully place the topper onto the cake in the desired position and press gently.

You may also wish to back your icing sheets with a thin layer of rolled out fondant.

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