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Product Guides
Which Edible Printer Should I Choose? Why Our Canon Printers are a Good Choice for Edible Printing
Choosing an Edible Printer may seem like an over-whelming task with so many printer models on the market, so we've covered the most important things to consider to help you choose the best edible printer for your business!
Wafer Paper or Icing Sheets – Which Should I Choose for Edible Printing?
There are two main types of edible paper to choose from for edible printing - wafer paper or icing sheets. We explain the difference between the two and provide example uses to help you choose the best type of edible paper for your needs.
Which is the Best Make and Model of Edible Printer?
There are a lot of edible printer makes and models on the market, so deciding is best for you can be difficult. This comprehensive guide on the important features of edible printers, and which you may need for business should help you decide.