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How to Print on Edible Icing Sheets

How to Print on Edible Icing Sheets

Top Tips:

How to Print onto Edible Icing Sheets:

It is recommended that the edible icing sheets (sometimes know as frosting sheets) are fed into the printer with the clear polyester strip travelling through the printer first, and it is important they are fed as flat as possible and without curved edges.

For best results, icing sheets should be fed as single sheets manually from the top/ rear feed tray.

EPS Icing sheets should be stored flat in a cool, dry place between 18 and 20 degrees C.

It is important to test the various print settings available for your specific printer in order to maximise your image quality. It is also important to select the correct paper type with Edible Icing sheets often producing a better image when the Envelope setting is used. This ensures the print heads/rollers are raised to accommodate a thicker input paper type.

Most edible images will benefit from maximised ink-jet printer resolution / dpi (dots per inch), so it is important to test which settings achieve the best results. Note that some higher quality printer settings (best quality) may take longer to print than medium or lower quality settings, so if you are looking to print images quicker, then it might be advantageous to change to a slightly lower quality setting.

Make sure you choose good quality icing sheets, and edible inks such as those available from Edible Print Supplies. Not all icing sheets achieve the same high definition print finish. 

Once printed, all EPS Icing Sheets are easy peel, and can simply be peeled away from the backing paper.