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How to Print From Rear Feed Tray on Canon TS705(A) Printer

How to Print From Rear Feed Tray on Canon TS705(A) Printer

How to Print From Rear Feed Tray on Canon TS705(A) Printer

There are two paper sources for the Canon TS705(A) – the cassette and the rear feed tray.

  1. On the menu that appears on your device when trying to print, select quality and media.

       2. Next to paper source, choose rear tray. This ensures the paper/icing sheet is always fed from the rear tray.

       3. Click print on device. Printing should now be only from the rear feed tray.


If you do not have the option to select rear tray on the device you are printing from, ensure you have downloaded the Canon printer driver. This can be found here. Ensure the correct operating system is selected for your device. Once downloaded, the option to select rear tray should now appear.

Further notes if this does not help

  • If there is a mis-match with the paper settings on the printer and your computer/device, an error can occur (Error 2110). Ensure both the printer and device are set to the same paper size, eg, A4.
  • Ensure the cassette is fully closed, or an error message will appear, and your printer will not print from the rear feed tray.
  • Ensure the printing medium is loaded correctly into the printer, see instructions below.

How to load the printing medium correctly into the rear feed tray

  1. When printing on icing sheets, we recommend printing one sheet at once, but if printing on normal paper with multiple pages at once, ensure the edges of the paper are aligned.
  2. Ensure icing sheets/paper is flat, if curled flatten it (gently bend curled corners in the opposite direction).
  3. Open the paper support (A) and pull up the extension for the paper support (B).
  4. Open the feed slot cover (C) and slide the blue paper guide on the right (D) to open both paper guides.
  5. Load the chosen printing medium into the printer. For icing sheets, we recommend the clear polyester strip travelling through the printer first.
  6. Slide the paper guide (D) so both guides align with the printing medium. 
  7. Close the feed slot cover (C).
  8. Press the OK button on the printer.
  9. Use the arrows on the printer to select the size of the chosen printing medium, eg, A4, then press OK. 
  10. Pull out the paper output tray and extend fully, including paper output support.


*Tip – for best quality prints on EPS icing sheets, print on envelope setting on high quality.*