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How to Cut Edible Images & Toppers

How to Cut Edible Images & Toppers


To create professional looking edible toppers for your cakes, bakes and/or drinks business, it's important to ensure they are cut neatly whilst also maximising efficiency. To achieve this you need to invest in good set of cutting tools! Whether you own an edible printer and need to cut out your own edible images or buy in pre-printed designs that require cutting, this handy guide outlines how to cut edible images and toppers and the best tools you need to do the job!


Cutting Circular Edible Toppers

A popular choice of shape for edible toppers is circles, as this shape works well for topping cupcakes, cakes and drinks. Cutting circles with scissors doesn't only take a lot of time but it almost impossible to get a perfect circle that gives your edible toppers a clean and professional finish. For cutting circle toppers efficiently, we recommend investing in a good-quality cutter like one of our Squeeze Punch Cutters or our NEW Adjustable Circle Cutters. Depending on the size and quantity of circular edible toppers you are wanting to create, you may find one type of cutter suits your needs better. Many customers like to have both in their tool kit! Here's more information on the two choices…

Squeeze Punch Cutter

Available in two set circle sizes (L -1.5"/3.8cm or XL - 2"/5cm) the Squeeze Punch - Circle Cutter is a great choice for cutting a large quantity of circle edible toppers of a consistent size. These sizes are a popular choice for cupcakes and drinks and the Squeeze Cutter is recommended when high volumes of uniformly shaped and sized toppers are required, for example for corporate cupcake toppers. 

Squeeze Punch - Circle Cutter (XL)

Our Squeeze Cutters are suitable for cutting edible toppers from wafer paper, wafer card and icing sheets, however icing sheets must be removed from the plastic backing sheet prior to cutting. Simply line up your circular designs in your required size in multiple rows (see example below) and print onto your chosen edible paper. Once the edible ink has dried, cut your edible sheet into strips, either with scissors or a guillotine, leaving around 2mm below the bottom of your line of circles. Slot your design into the window of your squeeze cutter, ensuring the design is lined up and squeeze the cutter to ‘punch’ out your edible topper. 

Also see our video below for how easy the Squeeze Punch - Circle Cutter is to use to cut our your edible toppers…



*Top Tip - when your topper design is not circular, for example logos or text, add a faint circular guide in the size needed around your images to help centre your design in the middle of the cutter. 

EPS Adjustable Circle Cutter

Unlike the squeeze cutters, our newest cutter to the EPS cutting range has a completely adjustable innovative design and is capable of cutting circular toppers in any size from 1 to 6 inches! This versatile cutter allows a wider range of toppers for cupcakes up to larger cakes, so is a great tool for any cake decorator or edible topper maker wanting to mix up the sizes of their toppers!

EPS Adjustable Circle Cutter

The Adjustable Circle Cutter can cut toppers from wafer paper, wafer card or icing sheets and also comes with an easy-grip handle for heavy-duty cutting, meaning it can even cut through the plastic backing of your icing sheets when applying enough pressure! 

To use, simply lay out your topper designs, again using faint circle cutting guidelines for non-circular designs if required, and print on your chosen edible paper. It's important to ensure the edible ink on your prints has fully dried before using the cutter to avoid smudging your image. Once dried, adjust the diameter of your cutter using the ruler guide and tighten, twist out the blade and line up the circular guidelines on the cutter with your printed designs. While holding the cutter still with one hand, rotate the cutter with the other using either the push button or by placing the easy-grip handle over the positioner and spinning the blade in a full circle. Lift off the cutter and your topper can be removed from the sheet. See the video below for a full tutorial on how to use the EPS Adjustable Circle Cutter



Spare blades (x3) are stored underneath the rubber base below the EPS logo (top point of the cutter) for when the blade needs changing and we will soon be adding additional spare blades to the range.

*Important - Always ensure you are cutting on a mat when using the EPS Adjustable Circle Cutter to protect your work surface, we've also added A3 Self-Healing Cutting Mats to our range which are specifically designed to prolong the life and sharpness of your blades. 

For a limited time only, we have a fantastic value Edible Image Ultimate Cutting Bundle for only £40.95 (exc. VAT) - saving you over £5 when you buy the set.

Cutting Irregular Shaped Edible Images and Toppers

For cutting more intricate shapes of edible images, a good quality Craft Knife is essential! While scissors or a regular kitchen knife may do the trick, to get a clean and professionally cut image that truly stands out on your cakes, it's really important to invest in a tool that allows for more precision and accuracy when cutting out your images. 

EPS Craft Knife

Our new EPS Craft Knife comes with 3 spare blades and is the perfect tool for the job! It can also be used for cutting fondant to back your edible images or for other types of cake decorating materials. 

EPS Craft Knife

When cutting irregular shaped edible toppers from wafer paper, you can simply print your chosen design and cut around carefully with your Craft Knife, making sure to use a protective Cutting Mat. For icing sheets, we recommend leaving the icing on the plastic backing sheet while cutting before peeling away as this reduces the chance of tearing while cutting. Once cut you can peel your edible image away from the backing before placing on your cake. If you are backing your edible image, roll out a thin layer of fondant and apply a tiny amount of water or thin layer of edible glue to the back of your icing sheet using a clean brush. Place your image onto the fondant and carefully smooth to remove any air bubbles, being extra careful not to transfer any water or glue onto the front of your image to avoid smudging the ink. Allow a few minutes to dry before using your Craft Knife again to cut the fondant around the image - you may wish to leave a small border or cut directly around your image depending on the desired finish. 

Take extra care as our Craft Knife blades are extremely sharp and be sure to replace the safety cap when finished. Always keep out of the reach of children.


You can also use our Craft Knifes to cut around biscuit cutters in your desired shape and size! Rather than trying to cut icing sheets with the cutter itself, often resulting in rough edges, you can place the cutter over the image or design and use the tip of the blade of your craft knife to cut either inside or around the outside of your cutter. Be sure to keep the blade in contact with the cutter for a neat finish. 

Hexagon Squeeze Punch Cutters

In addition to our Circle Squeeze Cutters, we also have a 2-inch/5cm Hexagon Cutter for more unusual and unique shaped toppers! The hexagon shaped edible toppers have a more luxurious feel than regular circles and work perfectly with many popular hexagon designs as seen below.


Squeeze Punch - Hexagon Cutter


These Hexagon cutters are the easiest way to get perfect uniform hexagon toppers every time and allows you to be more creative with your designs. 

Cutting Mats

To accompany your new cutting tools, you may also want to invest in a high-quality and durable cutting mat to protect your work surface. Our NEW EPS A3 Self-Healing Cutting Mats are made from a non-toxic material and have a self-healing layer on both sides of the mat, meaning they're not only brilliant quality but they also last longer too. The innovative design ensures the blades reman sharp for longer as the self-healing surface prevents them becoming blunt during cutting. Their large A3 size means you can protect your working area and carry out multiple projects on the same mat, like sugarcraft and cutting other elements for your cakes. An essential accessory for any cake decorator! 

EPS A3 Self-Healing Cutting Mat


You can browse our full range of cutting tools here.

Like most techniques, cutting your edible images and toppers can take some practice and may require a bit of trial and error before you find a way that suits you. We've curated our high-quality range of Cutting Tools with efficiency and precision in mind, to help make it easier for you to achieve beautifully cut, professional edible images and toppers for your cakes, bakes drinks and more!

We wish you the best of luck with your edible image cutting and should you need any other advice or support regarding our cutting range or any other products, our knowledgable and friendly team are here to help! Just get in touch by emailing our Support Team at or by giving us a call on 01254 825786.

You can also follow us on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok for more edible printing and cutting hints, tips and inspiration or check out our other blog posts. Make sure to tag us in your posts so we can see how you've used our products!

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