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Easy Guide on How to Apply Printed Cake Toppers to Your Cake

Easy Guide on How to Apply Printed Cake Toppers to Your Cake

Photo courtesy of Evie’s Cake Design

Cakes can be transformed in minutes with the simple addition of printed cake toppers. To achieve the best results follow our simple guide on the most effective way to store and apply your cake topper:


It’s essential printed icing sheets / cake toppers are stored in a sealed bag to prevent the icing drying out and the printed edible image deteriorating.

Ensure the cake topper is stored on a flat surface away from excessive heat and humidity.

We always recommend buying your printed cake topper as near to your event as possible. Our tests have shown once printed, cake toppers are at their best when used within 2 – 3 weeks.

How To Apply Cake Toppers 

Printed cake toppers will work on most cake coverings but the best results are achieved when used on smooth, fondant icing or shop bought, ready iced cakes.

When using EPS icing sheets the cake toppers have virtually no taste, but are completely edible.

Before applying your cake topper you’ll need to ensure your icing is slightly moist. The best way to achieve this without over dampening your cake is to spray a fine mist of water onto the surface of your cake before applying your cake topper.

Next, carefully remove the plastic backing from your icing sheet. EPS icing sheets are specifically designed for ‘easy peel’ and don’t require any freezing or heating unlike some other icing sheets. The backing should easily remove with a palette knife or cake slice.

At this stage it’s important you don’t touch the edible printing on your cake topper with wet hands or the ink will run!

Carefully place your cake topper in the desired position on your cake and press down gently.

It’s as simple as that! 

Please note, EPS icing sheets can be used on buttercream but it’s always best to allow it to harden first. Apply your cake topper at the last minute to ensure it is at its best.

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