New Innovation in Edible Printing – Add Logos and Designs to Your Coffee


Stand out from the competition and offer the latest innovation to hit the coffee market through our new printable, floating icing discs.

These ultra thin coffee toppers from Edible Print Supplies have been specially formulated to float on hot, foamy beverages.



What Do I Need?

All you need to produce your own, in-house coffee toppers is:

TS705 Edible Printer Kit

  • an Edible printer (prices starting from only £145.95 + VAT).
  • EPS ultra thin, pre-cut Coffee Toppers.
  • Your chosen designs / logos.

Simply print your design, logo or branding onto the icing discs using an edible printer and apply to your hot drinks.

Unlike wafer paper, the unique formulation of the EPS Beverage Toppers means they stay flat, and float until the drink is emptied. Virtually tasteless, the icing sheets provide a unique coffee drinking experience, by adding your logo, branding, designs or even photos .

Beverage Toppers

The blank, 2 inch (5cm) floatable Coffee Toppers are available 12 per sheet, 24 sheets per pack.

coffee toppers 

Simply chose your design or logo, print onto the pre-cut icing sheets and apply to your coffee or hot, frothy beverage. Ideal for every day use or for celebrating events such as Birthdays, Christmas, Halloween, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day……

For more information please see our website or email Our team has vast experience of edible printing and welcome your contact.

How to Add Designs onto Chocolates using Transfer Sheets

Using chocolate transfers is one of the easiest ways to add colour, patterns and logos to your chocolates.

Providing you have the correct equipment achieving a professional, printed finish is easy. To get started you’ll need an edible printer. The chocolate printer packages from Edible Print Supplies start from just £159.95 + VAT and include everything you need to get started; the edible ink cartridges, chocolate transfers and of course the printer.

Simply print your chosen design onto the chocolate transfer sheets, this can be a company logo, patterns, messages, Christmas design the scope is endless……

Add the printed transfer sheet to your chosen chocolate mould. The easiest moulds to use are the magnetic chocolate moulds which consist of 2 parts; the plastic mould and a magnetic base which means the transfer sheet snaps into place and won’t move when you’re pouring in your chocolate. The most popular moulds used by chocolatiers tend to be the circular moulds, square or rectangular, although a full range can be found online.

Once your printed chocolate transfer sheet is in place simply pour on your tempered chocolate. For full details on how to temper your chocolate please see our separate blog

Leave the chocolates to cool. Once completely cooled remove the chocolate transfers to reveal your chosen design.

How to Set Up an Edible Printer

If you’re new to edible printing, we’ve compiled a list of handy hints which you may find useful: 

  • When setting up your printer ensure your paper type is set to envelope – this is the highest paper setting and allows for the easy feeding of icing sheets and wafer paper through your printer.  
  • If your printer includes our refillable cartridges, filling your ink cartridges is easy.  Simply remove the coloured plug from the top of the cartridge and syringe in the relevant edible ink. It’s important you fill the cartridge whilst in its orange holder do not attempt to fill the cartridge whilst it’s in the printer otherwise the ink will leak.  
  • Please ensure you fill the cartridges so both sides are full of ink (the sponge side and the cavity). This will ensure there is enough pressure for the cartridges to register on your printer and make the ink flow effectively. Also remember to remove the label marked PULL. 
  • Keep the orange holders for filling the ink next time. You must insert the cartridges into the holders before starting to fill them or the ink will leak. 
  • We have templates available for the pre-cut icing sheets – if you’ve purchased any of these please contact us and we can email the templates to you.  
  • When using icing sheets we recommend you feed them with the plastic strip first.  
  • Ensure both wafer paper and icing sheets should be stored flat, sealed at temperatures between +15 degrees C and +25 degrees C 
  • Remember an edible ink printer must ONLY be used with edible ink. Using standard ink and then switching to edible ink can be harmful to health as residual ink may still be within the printer 
  • Full instructions on filling the cartridges and for additional hints and tips on printing please see our blog (located at the bottom of our home page 

Common Problems with Edible Ink Cartridges


Edible Ink cartridges

If you’re experiencing problems with your edible ink cartridges, we’ve compiled a quick checklist of common issues:

The Cartridges won’t register on my printer

  • If you’re using reflllable cartridges you must ensure both the cavity and sponge side of the cartridge are full – otherwise the cartridges won’t be heavy enough to register on the printer Edible Ink Refill Set
  • You may have been sent the wrong cartridges. The easiest way to check is to read the chip on the underside of the cartridge. If you’ve ordered a Canon IP7250 edible printer or the Canon IX6850 the number on the chip should start 550 or 551. If you’ve ordered the Canon TS5050 the number on the chip should start 570 or 571 and for the Canon TS705 this number begins with 580 or 581. If these numbers don’t correspond with your printer then please contact us on and we’ll replace your cartridges.
  • When you insert the cartridges into the printer please ensure you’ve removed the orange cradles


  • If inserted correctly you should hear the cartridges click into place and the light on the cartridges should illuminate
  • If the cartridges don’t click into place you may need to pull the lever at the front of the cartridges towards you a little so the cartridges fit correctly (be gentle to ensure the lever doesn’t snap off)
  • If the cartridges still don’t illuminate please turn off the printer at the power supply for a few seconds and then re-start the printer
  • Refillable edible ink cartridges don’t last forever and should be replaced at least every 6 months. If they’ve been working fine and just stopped working there’s a good chance you need to replace them.

The ink won’t come out of the cartridges

  • Please ensure you’ve removed the ‘Pull’ strip on top of the cartridges
  • If the ink still won’t come out of the cartridge there is a small soft breathe hole on top of the cartridge (this would have been under the pull strip at the opposite end to the coloured plug), please prick this with a pin or needle. This helps the air and ink to flow through the cartridge. Press onto the soaker sponge underneath the cartridge (where the ink comes out)with a cotton bud or something similar (please ensure you wear gloves) until the ink starts flowing
  • Again, please make sure both the cavity and sponge side of the cartridge are full of ink

Ink is Pouring out of the Cartridges

  • Please ensure you fill the cartridges whilst they are still on the orange cradles otherwise the ink will pour from the bottom.
  • Once both the cavity and sponge side of the cartridge is full of ink replace the coloured plug. Remove the cartridge from it’s cradle and swiftly insert it into the printer (again we recommend wearing gloves!)
  • You must keep the orange cradles for re-filling the cartridges next time they are empty

There’s an error message saying ‘ink tank cannot be recognised’

  • Please ensure you’ve ordered the correct cartridges for your printer, or we’ve sent you the correct cartridges – occasionally although we try to avoid them, mistakes do happen.
  • If you’ve ordered a Canon IP7250 edible printer or the Canon IX6850 the number on the chip should start 550 or 551. If you’ve ordered the Canon TS5050 the number on the chip should start 570 or 571. If these numbers don’t correspond with your printer then please contact us on
  • If you’re using reflllable cartridges you must ensure both the cavity and sponge side of the cartridge are full – otherwise the cartridges won’t be heavy enough to register on the printer
  • Refillable edible ink cartridges don’t last forever and should be replaced at least every 6 months. If they’ve been working fine and just stopped working there’s a good chance you need to replace them.
  • The cartridges won’t work unless you’re using the correct coloured cartridge ie. if you try to insert a magenta cartridge into the printer where a yellow cartridge should be it won’t work. Each cartridge has a specially formatted chip to work with the corresponding colour.

I Haven’t Used My Printer for a While and the Cartridges Won’t Work

  • There’s a good chance the cartridges / printhead will have become clogged if you’ve not used your edible printer for a while. The best remedy for this is to remove your printhead and give it a good clean under running warm water
  • Once the print head is in position, turn off the power cable to stop the print head returning to the hidden right position.
  • To clean the print head, run it under  hot water for 3-4 minutes, rotating it so that the water runs into the top downwards and also back through the bottom with the water running back through the other way.
  • YES, the print head DOES have electronic parts, but it is perfectly safe to get these wet also, just DO NOT SUBMERGE the print head in water, or leave it in water for a long period.
  • Dry the print head with kitchen paper as much as possible prior to replacing.
  • It will take 3 or 4 new print outs to get the ink flowing again, so we advise you print a test page or nozzle check first thing after replacing the print head. This will show you that the head is fully clean again per the print pattern.
  • If this still doesn’t work, then we suggest purchasing a new set of cartridges

How to Prevent Icing Sheets Looking Wet When Added to a Cake

We’re often asked why icing sheets bubble or look wet when they’ve been applied to a cake. Here are a few tips from regular cake makers and users of the EPS Icing Sheets on how to avoid this happening:
The best way to avoid the wet look is to ensure the printed icing sheets / cake toppers are applied to a cake at room temperature NOT a cake straight out of the fridge. Another major cause is keeping your cake in an air tight container which can result in your cake sweating and moisture developing on top of the icing sheet / cake topper.
You should avoid putting icing sheets directly onto cakes that have come out of the fridge or the moisture comes up through the icing sheet and leaves like a “morning dew” on them!  This also applies to fresh cream – the moisture / cold comes up and has like a “grass in the morning” effect!
The icing sheets should be applied onto room temperature cakes, so no matter what the cake is covered in; buttercream, fondant, chocolate, ganache etc…  it needs to be room temperature or you will get the dew effect.
If you haven’t got any fresh cream or fresh ingredients in a cake it doesn’t need to be kept in a fridge anyway – and if you’re storing the cake in an airtight container, there must be no moisture in the container, and in a room temperature type environment. Do not leave your cake sat in the sun where it will sweat and again create moisture.
Another tip from a professional cake maker and regular user of our icing sheets is to use buttercream over the back of the icing sheets to attach them to your cake. “If you wet the fondant icing, I find if you don’t get it positioned right the first time its pretty hard to peel off, so buttercream across the back is perfect as you can slide it into place without damaging the cake topper, and also if too much water is on the cake and you get it on your hands etc,, the ink just comes off and you end up with marks on your nicely iced cake!!”
“I did a test one day on various different scenarios!  So I put the icing sheet onto a cupcake with fresh cream and put it in the fridge. As a comparison I took a cupcake out of the fridge with fresh cream on and put the icing sheet on, and the result was the same – the cold moisture just rose through the icing and formed the “dew” You can clearly see the harry potter icing ones have the dew over them and the animal rice paper toppers have just wilted!  

Here’s a photo of the printed wafer paper before it was applied and after it absorbed the moisture:

Here’s a few examples of cupcake toppers that have been applied correctly:

Which Edible Printer should I choose ?


Which Printer Should I Choose

So you’ve decided to take the plunge and purchase an edible printer. Whether you’re starting your own edible printing business, expanding your existing cake business or you’ve decided to print your cake designs in-house rather than outsourcing them, we have the perfect printer for you. We understand choosing an edible printer can seem a daunting process, we receive lots of calls from new customers asking which printer is best for their edible printing needs? We hope this quick run-down of our edible printers will help you with your decision.

TS705 Edible Printer KitWith 20+ years combined experience of printing onto edible mediums such as icing sheets, wafer paper, chocolate and meringue transfer sheets, the team at EPS have seen various makes and models of printers come to market.

From our experience Canon printers are clearly the best printers on the market due to reliability, price and above all the ability to quickly remove and clean the print head for easy maintenance. This is the main reason we only stock Canon edible printers, but still leaves the decision which of these printers should I choose?

The first decision to make is whether you need an A4 or an A3 edible printer? Do you need the ability to print cake designs / toppers larger than A4 size? If so you’ll need to choose the A3 Canon Edible Printer Kit. It’s a personal decision however most domestic users tend to start with an A4 edible printer such as the Canon TS705 and commercial bakery / confectioners tend to choose the A3 edible printer which prints both A3 and A4.

All of the edible printers we currently stock; the Canon TS5050, Canon TS705 and Canon IX6850 have a rear feed which makes feeding icing sheets into the printer quicker and easier than a traditional bottom feed printer.

However don’t worry if you have an older edible printer without a rear feed as all of the EPS icing sheets have the TS5050 edible printer kitflexibility to feed even from the bottom of the printer.

An additional feature you need to consider is do you need a scanner/ copier? This can be useful if you’d like to scan an image such as a photograph onto your PC or phone and then print it onto your icing sheets or wafer paper. The Canon TS705 and Canon TS5051 both have this feature. Our A3 printer the IX6850 doesn’t have a scanning facility.

The printer quality offered by all of the edible printers we sell is excellent. Some printers offer a higher dpm than others, however in our opinion, the difference in print quality on all the Canon printers available from EPS is not noticeable to the naked eye. In other words, print quality is excellent on all of our Canon edible printers.

All of the EPS edible printers are available with a choice of pre-filled or refillable cartridges. Some customers prefer the ease of pre-filled cartridges ie. simply insert them and go. Whilst other customers (especially our higher volume customers) tend to choose the refillable cartridges. Our refillable edible printer kits include a full set of 100 ml ink which can refill the cartridges 4 or 5 times. In the long run refillable cartridges are the most economical and environmentally friendly:-) option.

Our edible printer starter kits include either wafer paper, icing sheets or chocolate transfer sheets. All of these edible sheets can be used in any of our printers. Additional supplies of these are available at

Finally, we’re often asked if our printers include a warranty. Technically the use of edible inks in any printer invalidates the warranty, but if you have any mechanical problems within the first 12 months we are happy to help. We’re a family business at the end of the day and will support you any way we can.

Summary of Key Features:

Key Features Canon TS705 Canon TS5050 Canon IX6850
A4 printing Yes Yes Yes
A3 printing No No Yes
Rear Feed Yes Yes Yes
Removable printhead Yes Yes Yes
Scanner Yes Yes No
Wireless printing Yes Yes Yes
Borderless printing Yes Yes Yes
Size 372 x 365 x 158mm 372 x 315 x 216mm 584x310x159mm
DPI 4800 x 1200 dpi 4800 x 1200 dpi 9600 x 2400 dpi
Refillable Cartridges Yes Yes Yes


Can I Use EPS Edible Ink Cartridges in my Existing Printer?

NO!!!! No matter how many times you clean your printhead and run the cleaning cycles on your printer it will not remove all traces of standard ink – and this is dangerous to human life. DO NOT be tempted to do this.

Which Printer Do You Recommend for High Volume Printing?

Our commercial customers and those printing high volumes on a daily basis usually opt for the A3 Canon IX6850 Edible Printer Kit.

Which Printer is Best for Use with Pre-cut Icing Sheets?

If you prefer an A4 printer we’d recommend the Canon TS705 Edible Starter Kit. We DO NOT recommend the Canon TS5050 / TS5051 as it can feed the sheets into the printer slightly differently each time and even though this is only a matter of millimetres it can make pre-cut icing sheets very difficult to align. The A3 IX6850 Edible Printer Kit is also fine to use with the pre-cut icing sheets.

Do you have any templates / software?

Customers tend to create their own templates using a software package they’re familiar with such are photoshop, paint, excel, word. We have simple word templates available for the 1.25 inch, 2 inch and 8 inch pre-cut icing sheets and can email these over when you purchase our pre-cut icing sheets. Alternatively there’s a great website called which has easy to use software.

Which Printer Do You Recommend for Use with Chocolate Transfer Sheets?

Our TS5050 Chocolate Printer Kit is perfect for use with Chocolate Transfer Sheets or the TS705 Printer Kit. We DO NOT recommend the A3 IX6850 printer as the feeding mechanism on this printer can damage the transfer sheets.

What’s the Difference Between the Canon TS5050 and TS5051 printers?

That’s an easy one, the TS5050 is Black and the TS5051 printer is White – that’s the only difference. They’re identical in every other way.

Are the Refillable Cartridges easy to fill?

Yes you simply remove the coloured stopper on top of the cartridge, syringe in the ink until the sponge side is full and the cavity side is nearly full (7/8th’s). Ensure you leave the cartridges in the orange cradle whilst you fill them and remember to wear gloves! DO NOT be tempted to fill them whilst in the printer as this will damage your printer. Here’s a link to full instructions if needed How to Refill Edible Ink Cartridges

Does the printer include a warranty?

Technically the use of edible ink in any printer invalidates the warranty. However we are happy to support any mechanical problems with your printer within the first 12 months.

Is Edible Printing Easy?

Setting up an edible printer is virtually the same as setting up a standard printer, so if you’re proficient printing from a normal printer, you should be fine edible printing.

Which is the easiest printer to use?

All of the printers we sell: the Canon TS705A3 Canon IX6850 Edible Printer Kit  and the Canon TS5051 Kit  are straight forward printers to set up and use. They are all very similar, there isn’t one which is easier to use than another.

What is the delivery time?

If you’re in mainland UK we ship all of our orders with free next day delivery. Our cut off time is 2pm, so provided you order before this time you printer will be delivered the next day (week days only). We ship Worldwide and shipping times are shown at checkout.

Does it matter if I’m not going to use my printer very often?

If your edible printer’s not going to be used for long periods of time we recommend you take the cartridges out of the printer, store them in the orange cradles they were supplied with and clean your printhead. This will prevent your printhead clogging and mean trouble free printing next time you have an urgent topper to print – saving you lots of headaches in the long run!

How to Remove Print Head for Cleaning on Canon ip7250 & ix6850 Printers


Screen Shot 2017-05-31 at 11.29.36

How to remove the print head for cleaning on a Canon ip7250 / 7200 series / ix6850 Pixma series printers.
Video shows removal of Cartridges and then removal and replacement of print head.
Please call EPS on 01254 825786 if you require any printer advice for printing on Edible Icing sheets, wafer paper and meringue and chocolate cocoa transfer sheets.
Or contact
We take pride in supporting all customers with technical issues
Thank you and Enjoy Edible Printing !


Wafer Paper or Icing Sheets – Which Should I Choose for Edible Printing?

There are essentially 2 products to choose from when edible printing, either wafer paper (sometimes known as rice paper) or icing sheets (otherwise known as frosting sheets or sugar sheets). We often get asked what’s the difference between the two and which should I choose for? Here’s a quick reference guide:

Pokemon birthday cake using icing sheets

Pokemon birthday cake using icing sheets

Wafer paper is a vegetarian product usually made from potato starches, water and oil. It closely resembles standard paper. EPS wafer paper is available in a selection of thicknesses varying from 0.3mm wafer paper to 0.65mm wafer paper (otherwise known as wafer card) or our thickest 0.7mm gloss wafer paper / card. The thicker wafer paper tends to be used for stand up cakes toppers unsurprisingly because of it’s ability to ‘stand up’ when inserted into a cupcake / cake.

Icing sheets are a thin layer of white icing pressed onto a plastic backing paper to allow feeding through a printer. The backing sheet is peeled off before applying the icing onto a cake. Some types of icing sheets require freezing or heating to remove them from the backing sheet which can be problematic. However, the EPS icing sheets have been specially developed for their ability to quickly and easily peel away from the backing paper. As icing sheets are thicker than wafer paper and closely resemble fondant icing they tend to produce a higher quality print finish than wafer paper. EPS Icing sheets are also suitable for vegetarians or vegans and are gluten free.


Which is the best Product to Print onto? Wafer Paper or Icing Sheets?

Wafer paper is treated in exactly the same way as printing onto normal paper. Simply insert your wafer paper into the feed tray a few sheets at a time and print through your edible printer.  Wafer Paper tends to be less flexible than icing sheets, although the EPS High Gloss Wafer Card has been specifically developed from improved flexibility and it’s ability to feed easily through printers without a back feed ie the most common edible printers the Canon IP7250 and Canon MG5750. The thinner 0.35mm wafer paper has a rough and a smooth side. The best results are achieved by printing onto the smooth side. The Wafer Card is smooth on both sides.

EPS Icing sheets have been specifically engineered for edible printing. The smooth, bright wihite finish of icing means printed images are very clear and they achieve the best possible printing results. It’s really important to remember the image you’re printing from must be of high resolution. If the image is poor quality the printed result will be poor quality too – no matter what you’re printing onto!

Printed Icing Sheets

Printed Icing Sheets

How do you Apply Wafer Paper and Icing Sheets onto Cakes?

Wafer paper can be applied onto cakes really easily. Simply moisten the back of the wafer paper using a fine mist of water and apply. There’s no backing paper to remove, you just print and go. Wafer paper does have a tendency to curl if it’s applied to wet icing. If being used on buttercream always apply them at the last minute or when the buttercream has hardened. Another downside of wafer paper is it doesn’t tend to mould into fondant icing, It can also be difficult to cut when applied to the top of a cake.

EPS Icing Sheets are really easy to remove from the backing paper. You simply peel them off! Other brands of icing sheets can be difficult to remove which can cause problems. Once printed, again icing sheets are easy to apply. Simply spray your ready iced cake with a fine mist of water and press the icing sheets gently into place. Unlike wafer paper they are easy to cut through and mould into fondant icing easily.

Peter Rabbit book made with icing sheets

Peter Rabbit book made with icing sheets

How does Wafer paper taste compared to Icing Sheets?

The standard EPS Wafer paper and Wafer Card is flavourless. An advantage of it’s lack of flavour means it doesn’t affect the flavour of the cake you’re applying it to. For those preferring a sweeter taste it’s available in a Sweetened Wafer Paper which has a slight vanilla flavour.

Icing Sheets tend to have a very slight, sweet and vanilla flavour. However, as the icing is generally absorbed into the cake / cupcakes any taste is not usually noticeable.

Price of Wafer Paper vs Icing Sheets

Wafer Paper is considerably cheaper to purchase than icing sheets, with prices from £ 4.95 or less for 25 sheets. Icing sheets are as little as £13.00 per 25 sheets. Unlike wafer paper, icing sheets are also available in pre-cut options.

For more information please see our website or email us on

Common Problems with Edible Printers


Edible Image Printer

Edible Image Printer

There are a few reasons why your edible image printer may not be working properly. Here’s a few of the common problems.

The printer’s leaving a faint trail of ink on my icing sheets

Firstly ensure your printer’s set to the correct paper type. As edible icing sheets are thicker than standard paper they often produce a better image when the Envelope setting is used. This ensures the print heads/rollers are raised to accommodate a thicker input paper type.

If you’ve changed your paper setting to ‘envelope’ and you’re still getting a trail of ink, the most common cause of this is residual ink on your printheads. This can usually be removed by running a print-head cleaning cycle on your printer (check your printer menu settings to access the cleaning cycle)

For more severe clogging, remove the printhead from your printer and run it under water to deep clean. There are some good videos online showing exactly how to remove and clean your printheads.

Remember if you’re printing high volumes of icing sheets / wafer paper through your printer you will need to replace your edible image printer regularly. Look at the printer manual for the number of pages you can expect to print through your printer.

The ink isn’t emptying from my one of my ink cartridges

This is usually easily resolved. Simply remove the effected cartridge and pop a pin through the air intake hole to allow more air into the cartridge. The air intake hole is the soft round area above the sponge.

If this doesn’t work, carry out the printhead cleaning operations above.

Again it’s important to change your ink cartridges regularly to prolong the life of your edible image printer.


How to Print on Edible Icing Sheets

Edible Image Printer

Edible Image Printer

How to Print Using EPS Premium Easy Peel Edible Icing Sheets:

  • EPS Icing sheets should be stored flat in a cool, dry place between 18 and 20 degrees C.
  • It is recommended that the edible icing sheets are fed into the printer with the clear polyester strip travelling through the printer first, and it is important they are fed as flat as possible and without curved edges.
  • For best results, EPS icing sheets should be fed as single sheets manually from the top/ rear input where possible.
  • It is important to test the various print settings available for your specific printer in order to maximise your image quality. It is also important to select the correct paper type with Edible Icing sheets often producing a better image when the Envelope setting is used. This ensures the print heads/rollers are raised to accommodate a thicker input paper type.
  • Most edible images will benefit from maximised ink-jet printer resolution / dpi (dots per inch), so it is important to test which settings achieve the best results. Note that some higher quality printer settings may take longer to print than medium or lower quality settings, so if you are looking to print images quicker, then it might be advantageous to change to a slightly lower quality setting.
  • Once printed EPS Icing Sheets are easy peel, and can simply be peeled away from the clear plastic backing paper.