Which Edible Printer should I choose ?


Which Printer Should I Choose

So you’ve decided to take the plunge and purchase an edible printer. Whether you’re starting your own edible printing business, expanding your existing cake business or you’ve decided to print your cake designs in-house rather than outsourcing them, we have the perfect printer for you. We understand choosing an edible printer can seem a daunting process, we receive lots of calls from new customers asking which printer is best for their edible printing needs? We hope this quick run-down of our edible printers will help you with your decision.

TS705 Edible Printer KitWith 20+ years combined experience of printing onto edible mediums such as icing sheets, wafer paper, chocolate and meringue transfer sheets, the team at EPS have seen various makes and models of printers come to market.

From our experience Canon printers are clearly the best printers on the market due to reliability, price and above all the ability to quickly remove and clean the print head for easy maintenance. This is the main reason we only stock Canon edible printers, but still leaves the decision which of these printers should I choose?

The first decision to make is whether you need an A4 or an A3 edible printer? Do you need the ability to print cake designs / toppers larger than A4 size? If so you’ll need to choose the A3 Canon Edible Printer Kit. It’s a personal decision however most domestic users tend to start with an A4 edible printer such as the Canon TS705 and commercial bakery / confectioners tend to choose the A3 edible printer which prints both A3 and A4.

All of the edible printers we currently stock; the Canon TS5050, Canon TS705 and Canon IX6850 have a rear feed which makes feeding icing sheets into the printer quicker and easier than a traditional bottom feed printer.

However don’t worry if you have an older edible printer without a rear feed as all of the EPS icing sheets have the TS5050 edible printer kitflexibility to feed even from the bottom of the printer.

An additional feature you need to consider is do you need a scanner/ copier? This can be useful if you’d like to scan an image such as a photograph onto your PC or phone and then print it onto your icing sheets or wafer paper. The Canon TS705 and Canon TS5051 both have this feature. Our A3 printer the IX6850 doesn’t have a scanning facility.

The printer quality offered by all of the edible printers we sell is excellent. Some printers offer a higher dpm than others, however in our opinion, the difference in print quality on all the Canon printers available from EPS is not noticeable to the naked eye. In other words, print quality is excellent on all of our Canon edible printers.

All of the EPS edible printers are available with a choice of pre-filled or refillable cartridges. Some customers prefer the ease of pre-filled cartridges ie. simply insert them and go. Whilst other customers (especially our higher volume customers) tend to choose the refillable cartridges. Our refillable edible printer kits include a full set of 100 ml ink which can refill the cartridges 4 or 5 times. In the long run refillable cartridges are the most economical and environmentally friendly:-) option.

Our edible printer starter kits include either wafer paper, icing sheets or chocolate transfer sheets. All of these edible sheets can be used in any of our printers. Additional supplies of these are available at edibleprintsupplies.co.uk

Finally, we’re often asked if our printers include a warranty. Technically the use of edible inks in any printer invalidates the warranty, but if you have any mechanical problems within the first 12 months we are happy to help. We’re a family business at the end of the day and will support you any way we can.

Summary of Key Features:

Key Features Canon TS705 Canon TS5050 Canon IX6850
A4 printing Yes Yes Yes
A3 printing No No Yes
Rear Feed Yes Yes Yes
Removable printhead Yes Yes Yes
Scanner Yes Yes No
Wireless printing Yes Yes Yes
Borderless printing Yes Yes Yes
Size 372 x 365 x 158mm 372 x 315 x 216mm 584x310x159mm
DPI 4800 x 1200 dpi 4800 x 1200 dpi 9600 x 2400 dpi
Refillable Cartridges Yes Yes Yes


Can I Use EPS Edible Ink Cartridges in my Existing Printer?

NO!!!! No matter how many times you clean your printhead and run the cleaning cycles on your printer it will not remove all traces of standard ink – and this is dangerous to human life. DO NOT be tempted to do this.

Which Printer Do You Recommend for High Volume Printing?

Our commercial customers and those printing high volumes on a daily basis usually opt for the A3 Canon IX6850 Edible Printer Kit.

Which Printer is Best for Use with Pre-cut Icing Sheets?

If you prefer an A4 printer we’d recommend the Canon TS705 Edible Starter Kit. We DO NOT recommend the Canon TS5050 / TS5051 as it can feed the sheets into the printer slightly differently each time and even though this is only a matter of millimetres it can make pre-cut icing sheets very difficult to align. The A3 IX6850 Edible Printer Kit is also fine to use with the pre-cut icing sheets.

Do you have any templates / software?

Customers tend to create their own templates using a software package they’re familiar with such are photoshop, paint, excel, word. We have simple word templates available for the 1.25 inch, 2 inch and 8 inch pre-cut icing sheets and can email these over when you purchase our pre-cut icing sheets. Alternatively there’s a great website called topperoo.com which has easy to use software.

Which Printer Do You Recommend for Use with Chocolate Transfer Sheets?

Our TS5050 Chocolate Printer Kit is perfect for use with Chocolate Transfer Sheets or the TS705 Printer Kit. We DO NOT recommend the A3 IX6850 printer as the feeding mechanism on this printer can damage the transfer sheets.

What’s the Difference Between the Canon TS5050 and TS5051 printers?

That’s an easy one, the TS5050 is Black and the TS5051 printer is White – that’s the only difference. They’re identical in every other way.

Are the Refillable Cartridges easy to fill?

Yes you simply remove the coloured stopper on top of the cartridge, syringe in the ink until the sponge side is full and the cavity side is nearly full (7/8th’s). Ensure you leave the cartridges in the orange cradle whilst you fill them and remember to wear gloves! DO NOT be tempted to fill them whilst in the printer as this will damage your printer. Here’s a link to full instructions if needed How to Refill Edible Ink Cartridges

Does the printer include a warranty?

Technically the use of edible ink in any printer invalidates the warranty. However we are happy to support any mechanical problems with your printer within the first 12 months.

Is Edible Printing Easy?

Setting up an edible printer is virtually the same as setting up a standard printer, so if you’re proficient printing from a normal printer, you should be fine edible printing.

Which is the easiest printer to use?

All of the printers we sell: the Canon TS705A3 Canon IX6850 Edible Printer Kit  and the Canon TS5051 Kit  are straight forward printers to set up and use. They are all very similar, there isn’t one which is easier to use than another.

What is the delivery time?

If you’re in mainland UK we ship all of our orders with free next day delivery. Our cut off time is 2pm, so provided you order before this time you printer will be delivered the next day (week days only). We ship Worldwide and shipping times are shown at checkout.

Does it matter if I’m not going to use my printer very often?

If your edible printer’s not going to be used for long periods of time we recommend you take the cartridges out of the printer, store them in the orange cradles they were supplied with and clean your printhead. This will prevent your printhead clogging and mean trouble free printing next time you have an urgent topper to print – saving you lots of headaches in the long run!

Which Edible Printer Should I Choose – the Canon IP7250 vs the Canon MG5750?

The most popular edible imaging printers currently on the market are the Canon IP7250 and the Canon MG5750.

canon edible-printer-kit

We’re often asked the difference between the two printers, so here’s our quick guide:

The Canon IP7250 edible printer is an entry level printer, often chosen as it represents great value for money, with inexpensive consumables and great reliability.  EPS refillable cartridges are as little as £10.95 and can be refilled with our edible ink again and again. Pre-filled cartridges for single use are only £19.95.

cartridges with border 305 135

The Canon MG5750 printer has recently replaced the MG5650 printer which has been discontinued by Canon. There are a few advantages this printer has over the IP7250. Firstly it can be used for copying and scanning unlike the Canon IP7250 and secondly it has an open feed tray. This can make feeding in icing sheets quicker if you’re a high volume printer. On the down side, as this printer has only recently become available the refillable cartridges for this printer are more expensive.

Both printers are compatible with EPS edible inks, icing sheets and wafer paper.

We hope this has helped you to decide which printer is best suited for your requirements. If you’d like any further information please contact us at sales@edibleprintsupplies.co.uk

Common Problems with Edible Printers


Edible Image Printer

Edible Image Printer

There are a few reasons why your edible image printer may not be working properly. Here’s a few of the common problems.

The printer’s leaving a faint trail of ink on my icing sheets

Firstly ensure your printer’s set to the correct paper type. As edible icing sheets are thicker than standard paper they often produce a better image when the Envelope setting is used. This ensures the print heads/rollers are raised to accommodate a thicker input paper type.

If you’ve changed your paper setting to ‘envelope’ and you’re still getting a trail of ink, the most common cause of this is residual ink on your printheads. This can usually be removed by running a print-head cleaning cycle on your printer (check your printer menu settings to access the cleaning cycle)

For more severe clogging, remove the printhead from your printer and run it under water to deep clean. There are some good videos online showing exactly how to remove and clean your printheads.

Remember if you’re printing high volumes of icing sheets / wafer paper through your printer you will need to replace your edible image printer regularly. Look at the printer manual for the number of pages you can expect to print through your printer.

The ink isn’t emptying from my one of my ink cartridges

This is usually easily resolved. Simply remove the effected cartridge and pop a pin through the air intake hole to allow more air into the cartridge. The air intake hole is the soft round area above the sponge.

If this doesn’t work, carry out the printhead cleaning operations above.

Again it’s important to change your ink cartridges regularly to prolong the life of your edible image printer.