New Innovation in Edible Printing – Add Logos and Designs to Your Coffee


Stand out from the competition and offer the latest innovation to hit the coffee market through our new printable, floating icing discs.

These ultra thin coffee toppers from Edible Print Supplies have been specially formulated to float on hot, foamy beverages.



What Do I Need?

All you need to produce your own, in-house coffee toppers is:

TS705 Edible Printer Kit

  • an Edible printer (prices starting from only £145.95 + VAT).
  • EPS ultra thin, pre-cut Coffee Toppers.
  • Your chosen designs / logos.

Simply print your design, logo or branding onto the icing discs using an edible printer and apply to your hot drinks.

Unlike wafer paper, the unique formulation of the EPS Beverage Toppers means they stay flat, and float until the drink is emptied. Virtually tasteless, the icing sheets provide a unique coffee drinking experience, by adding your logo, branding, designs or even photos .

Beverage Toppers

The blank, 2 inch (5cm) floatable Coffee Toppers are available 12 per sheet, 24 sheets per pack.

coffee toppers 

Simply chose your design or logo, print onto the pre-cut icing sheets and apply to your coffee or hot, frothy beverage. Ideal for every day use or for celebrating events such as Birthdays, Christmas, Halloween, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day……

For more information please see our website or email Our team has vast experience of edible printing and welcome your contact.

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