How to Add Designs onto Chocolates using Transfer Sheets

Using chocolate transfers is one of the easiest ways to add colour, patterns and logos to your chocolates.

Providing you have the correct equipment achieving a professional, printed finish is easy. To get started you’ll need an edible printer. The chocolate printer packages from Edible Print Supplies start from just ¬£159.95 + VAT and include everything you need to get started; the edible ink cartridges, chocolate transfers and of course the printer.

Simply print your chosen design onto the chocolate transfer sheets, this can be a company logo, patterns, messages, Christmas design the scope is endless……

Add the printed transfer sheet to your chosen chocolate mould. The easiest moulds to use are the magnetic chocolate moulds¬†which consist of 2 parts; the plastic mould and a magnetic base which means the transfer sheet snaps into place and won’t move when you’re pouring in your chocolate. The most popular moulds used by chocolatiers tend to be the circular moulds, square or rectangular, although a full range can be found online.

Once your printed chocolate transfer sheet is in place simply pour on your tempered chocolate. For full details on how to temper your chocolate please see our separate blog

Leave the chocolates to cool. Once completely cooled remove the chocolate transfers to reveal your chosen design.

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