How to Remove Print Head for Cleaning on Canon TS5050 & TS5051 Printers

This simple video shows how to remove the print head for cleaning on the Canon Pixma TS5050 and TS5051 printers.

Tips –

  • Once the print head is in position, turn off the power cable to stop the print head returning to the hidden right position.
  • To clean the print head, run it underĀ  hot water for 3-4 minutes, rotating it so that the water runs into the top downwards and also back through the bottom with the water running back through the other way.
  • YES, the print head DOES have electronic parts, but it is perfectly safe to get these wet also, just DO NOT SUBMERGE the print head in water, or leave it in water for a long period.
  • Dry the print head with kitchen paper as much as possible prior to replacing.
  • It will take 3 or 4 new print outs to get the ink flowing again, so we advise you print a test page or nozzle check first thing after replacing the print head. This will show you that the head is fully clean again per the print pattern.



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