How to Prevent Icing Sheets Looking Wet When Added to a Cake

We’re often asked why icing sheets bubble or look wet when they’ve been applied to a cake. Here are a few tips from regular cake makers and users of the EPS Icing Sheets on how to avoid this happening:
The best way to avoid the wet look is to ensure the printed icing sheets / cake toppers are applied to a cake at room temperature NOT a cake straight out of the fridge. Another major cause is keeping your cake in an air tight container which can result in your cake sweating and moisture developing on top of the icing sheet / cake topper.
You should avoid putting icing sheets directly onto cakes that have come out of the fridge or the moisture comes up through the icing sheet and leaves like a “morning dew” on them!  This also applies to fresh cream – the moisture / cold comes up and has like a “grass in the morning” effect!
The icing sheets should be applied onto room temperature cakes, so no matter what the cake is covered in; buttercream, fondant, chocolate, ganache etc…  it needs to be room temperature or you will get the dew effect.
If you haven’t got any fresh cream or fresh ingredients in a cake it doesn’t need to be kept in a fridge anyway – and if you’re storing the cake in an airtight container, there must be no moisture in the container, and in a room temperature type environment. Do not leave your cake sat in the sun where it will sweat and again create moisture.
Another tip from a professional cake maker and regular user of our icing sheets is to use buttercream over the back of the icing sheets to attach them to your cake. “If you wet the fondant icing, I find if you don’t get it positioned right the first time its pretty hard to peel off, so buttercream across the back is perfect as you can slide it into place without damaging the cake topper, and also if too much water is on the cake and you get it on your hands etc,, the ink just comes off and you end up with marks on your nicely iced cake!!”
“I did a test one day on various different scenarios!  So I put the icing sheet onto a cupcake with fresh cream and put it in the fridge. As a comparison I took a cupcake out of the fridge with fresh cream on and put the icing sheet on, and the result was the same – the cold moisture just rose through the icing and formed the “dew” You can clearly see the harry potter icing ones have the dew over them and the animal rice paper toppers have just wilted!  

Here’s a photo of the printed wafer paper before it was applied and after it absorbed the moisture:

Here’s a few examples of cupcake toppers that have been applied correctly:

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