Which Edible Printer should I choose ?

As we approach the Christmas Gift Idea season, we receive a higher volume of calls from new customers asking which printer is best for their edible printing needs ?, or the best printer kit combination for either a partner, family member or friend..

With 20+ years combined experience of printing onto edible mediums such as icing sheets, wafer paper, chocoloate and meringue transfer sheets, the team at EPS have seen various makes and models of printers come to market.

Whilst it has been said before in this blog, I repeat that Canon printers are clearly the best due to reliability, price and the fact that only Canon printers come with the ability to easily remove and clean the print head for easy maintenance. This makes Canon the obvious choice and we helped customers here by summarising the different printers and their attributes in the table below :

A3 or A4 size ?– is a personal decision – most domestic users start with A4 and commercial bakery / confectioners tend to choose the A3 printer which prints both  A3 and A4.

Rear feed or front / bottom feed ? – The A3 printer (Canon iX6850) affords the rear feed together with the newest printer available (Canon TS5050/51) – rear feed printers were favoured in previous generations of Canon Edible printer kits which were ‘rear feeders’ due to the nature of the product passing flat through the printer rather than up / round the mechanism from the front / rear. The edible sheet / transfer sheet clearly has less bending to do with this method of feed, but that said, the Canon printers with bottom / front feed (ip7250 / MG5750 / MG5751) have been used successfully for some years now.

Credit should probably be awarded to the quality of the EPS ‘Easy Peel’ Icing sheets, especially when it comes to using the pre-cut circle sheets with the rear/bottom feed printers because despite being pre-cut, the circles adhere extremely well to the sheets which are turned through 180 degrees with these printers.

Finally, Scanner/Copier or No Scanner/Copier ? – The ip7250 A4 printer and the iX6850 A3 printer DO NOT have scanner/copiers, but the Pixma models MG5750/MG5751, MG6851 and the latest more compact model the TS5050/TS5051 DO HAVE a scanner/copier. In our opinion, scanners are handy to have, especially if there;s not a printer/scanner/copier in the house – we all have to copy/scan passports, driving licenses, utility bills at some stage for identification purposes. Also, by using the colour copy mode, a printer copier can simply copy and print a photo onto icing / edible paper to be used on a cake without the need for connecting to a laptop/computer.

Print Quality – Whilst some models offer a higher print quality than others, in our opinion, the differences in print quality on all the Canon printers available from EPS is un-noticeable. In other words, print quality is excellent on all of our Canon printers and is a far cry from the quality achieved with dot matrix printers from the 1980’s ! – need we say more on the subject of print quality !


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