How to Wash a Clogged Print Head for Canon ip7250 ix6850 MG5750 MG5751 TS5050 Printers

How to wash or rinse the print head for a Canon 5750/5751/5752/5753 and ip7250 ix6850 Pixma and the latest edible food printer, the Canon TS5050 rear feed printer.

Following the previously posted video to remove the print head on Canon printers, this video shows how to safely wash or rinse the print head in the event of a clogged print head.

Edible Print Supplies advises that users of Edible Food Printers regularly remove and wash the print heads, even if they are not clogged. This preventative maintenance will save time, effort and cost in the long run – most importantly saving time when you need to urgently print but unfortunately suffer a clogged print head !

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